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Hashimoto Syoji, Passed Away!
Updated : 2009-12-07 Views : 7333

Hashimoto Syoji,
the Former Chief Director of Kansai Go Association, Passed Away!

His Last Match in November in This Year, Leaving His Lifetime Record of 1037 Wins and 631 Loses behind Him

Hashimoto Syoji, the former chief director of Kansai Go Association, passed away of myocardial infarction on Dec. 10 at the age of 74.

In Japanese Baduk World in this year, it was the 4th time for a pro player to pass away after Fujisawa Hideyuki, Obe Yositeru and Kajiwara Takeo.

Hashimoto Syoji 9 Dan was born in Hyogo Prefecture on Apr. 18, 1935. He turned pro in 1947 and reached 9 Dan in 1958. He has a record of winning the Oza Title twice each in 1959 and 1980, the Judan Title in 1974 and the NHK Cup Go Competition three times and ranking the honorary No. 1 in Kansai Go Association (winning the Kansai Ki-in Championship 12 times).

As he played his last match on Nov. 11, he left his lifetime record of 1037 wins and 631 loses behind him.

Hashimoto Syoji 9 Dan was a slow and deep-thinking player and he got his nickname "Heavy Tank" for his thick playing style.

- Kyungdong Kim,


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