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The Asian Go Federation (AGF) was founded in the year of 2006, and currently 14 countries/territories are registered as members. The first and foremost mission of AGF is to promote Go in the entire Asian continent. 

Over 100 million people enjoy Go in more than 75 countries/territories worldwide. Go is interesting, profound, and beneficial. Also, Go is a sport of the future. Lately, Go has begun to tread a new path, as a sport. The world science community has begun to embrace new ideas that exercising the brain is not so different from exercising the rest of the human body, like the arms, chest or legs.

Reflecting these new developments, there have already been many mind sports games held around the world. The existing sports world also has accepted mind sports into their community. Go is also an international conversation that needs no translation, since it only employs black and white stones to communicate. Even if we do not speak the same language, we can communicate through these stones and understand each other better. 

AGF is dedicated to connecting Asia as one community through the game of Go, and we appreciated your support.

Thank you.