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October 22
AGF Initiators' General Assembly & Inaugural Assembly

- 12 Asian founding members participated, approved the statutes, and Gun-ho CHO was elected as first President
- and Dal-soo KIM as Secretary General according to the statutes
- Hosted the 1st KPMC International Baduk Championship


June 16
The 1st Asian Amateur Baduk Championship

- 14 Asian countries participated

June 17
General Assembly

October 15
General Assembly

- Elected Board of Directors: India, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
- Hosted the 2nd KPMC International Baduk Championship


May 10
General Assembly

- Elected Vice Presidents : Singapore, Thailand
- Revised the statutes: number of dirctors from 6 to 7, change the name of "Assistant Office Director" to "Secretary General“

May 10
The 2nd Asian Amateur Baduk Championship

- 14 Asian countries participated

November 10
Asian Go Instructors' Workshop

- Conducted teaching lessons to AGF member countries

November 11
General Assembly

- Discussed Assessment of Asian Go Instructors’s workshop
- Categorized member countries into two groups
- Hosted the 3rd KPMC International Baduk Championship


October 24
General Assembly

- Revised the statutes : "country, countries" of Article 6, 16 and 17 to “nation(territory), nations(territories)” respectively.
- Held Asian Go Instructors' Workshop
- Hosted the 4th KPMC International Baduk Championship


October 23
General Assembly

- Discussed current status of dissemination of Go in Asia
- Hosted the 5th KPMC International Baduk Championship


October 22
General Assembly

- Elected 2nd President Dae-won SUH, reappointed Dal-soo KIM as Secretary General
- Held Asian Go Instructors' Workshop  
- Hosted the 6th KPMC International Baduk Championship


33th World Amateur Go Championship & IGF Board of Directors’ Meeting

- President SUH discussed AGF membership with Chinese Weiqi Association and Japanese Go Association

Meeting with IGF President Matsura

- President SUH discussed about cooperation between AGF and IGF

OCA Sports Committee Meeting

- President SUH participated and received an approval to be an OCA counter partner

2013 Incheon Indoor & Martial Arts Games

- OCA approved AGF as a Technical Dept. for Baduk event(Men's Individual, Men's Team, Women's Team, and Mixed Pair

October 27
General Assembly

- Approved the technical handbook of the 2013 Incheon Indoor & Martial Arts Games
- 6 countries participated (Chinese Taipei, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Kazakhstan, Thailand)
- Hosted the 7th KPMC International Baduk Championship


June 30
2013 Incheon Indoor & Martial Arts Games

- Adopted Baduk as an official discipline

July 4
General Assembly

- Shared Baduk information of each member countries since the last meeting


September 18
General Assembly

- Shared ideas of dissemination of Go in Asia
- Hosted the 9th KPMC International Baduk Championship


November 23
General Assembly

- Hosted the 10th KPMC International Baduk Championship


September 4
General Assembly

- Hosted the 11th KPMC International Baduk Championship


September 10
General Assembly

- Revised statutes, elected Sang-chul SHIN as 3rd President
- Hosted the 12th KPMC International Baduk Championship


September 9
General Assembly

- Hosted the 13th KPMC International Baduk Championship
- Elected Hyang-hee KIM as Secretary General